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Lions Park Pool

Programs & Events

Lions Park Pool
Pool Phone: 630-325-1040 (May 26-September 3)

Lions Park Pool

Lions Park Pool offers a variety of activities throughout the summer from swim lessons to scuba diving. Checkout the fun classes for all ages and Special Events!


Swim Lessons

The Clarendon Hills Park District swim lesson program is for all ages. Each level builds into the next with swimming skills. Water safety is reviewed at each lesson with a Safety Topic of the Day.

  • Before registering for a swim lesson review your child's previous lesson history and age limitations of the class.
  • Registration will close at 5:00pm on the Thursday prior to the start of the session.
  • Guardians must stay for their swimmer's entire class in the case of emergency. Seating is available on the pool deck or in the concessions area.
  • In case of inclement weather, a decision about lessons will be made 30 minutes prior to class time. Call 630-325-1040 for update.
  • It is encouraged to have the swimmer dressed in their suit before arriving for lessons. There is no need to bring swimming aids (lifejacket/water wings) or equipment (fins).
  • Snorkels or masks are not needed along with water toys or noodles.

Tadpole (Parent Child)

Age: 6 months-3 years with parent

This class emphasizes early water adjustment for the child with the parent by their side. It introduces beginner swim techniques through water activities and songs. Both swim diaper and plastic pant is required for Tadpole swimmer.

Guppy (Tiny Tots)

Age: 3-5 years old (without parent)

This class focuses on water adjustment to basic swimming skills mixed with fun water activities.


Youth Swim Lessons

Age: 5 years old and up or have completed Guppy lessons.

Level 1: Jellyfish

Focuses on gaining confidence in the water by introducing entry level water skills such as blowing bubbles, submersion of face, assisted floats and kicks.

Level 2: Minnow

Builds confidence in the water instructing unsupported floats and kicking and building on assisted front and backstroke.

Level 3: Frog

Swimmers focus on entering deep water with confidence, swimming front and backstroke unassisted and introduction of the breaststroke and the butterfly kick.

Level 4: Turtle

Swimmers build endurance with the freestyle and backstroke, learn open turns and butterfly.

Level 5: Dolphin

Swimmers build endurance to 50 yards with the freestyle and backstroke, and 25 yards of butterfly and breaststroke. Flip turns are introduced, too.


Private Swim Lessons

Looking for a more personalized approached for your swimming needs? Private lessons are available for an individual or a group of 2 (with similar skill level). Private lesson offer a more effective learning environment for swimmer and tailored to their skill level and progression. The lessons are for the individual/s registered and not transferrable.

Private Pick & Swim Lessons

This lesson option offers private lessons at flexible times to fit your busy summer schedule. An assigned instructor will contact the family to schedule the dates and times of the lessons. Lessons are purchased in a 3-hour block which can be broken into 6-30 minute lessons or 3-1 hour lessons. The lessons are for one individual and not transferrable.

Stroke Clinic

The stroke clinics are designed for swimmers who already have a strong foundation in the stroke. Advanced drills are introduced to put an emphasis on proper technique from kicking to body position. The week-long format allows the swimmer to focus on specific stroke. Take multiple clinics to develop a well-rounded swimmer throughout the summer.

Freestyle Clinic

Butterfly Clinic

Backstroke Clinic

Breaststroke Clinic



Intro To Springboard Diving

Learn to the basics of springboard diving. Participants must be able to swim 15 yards and be comfortable in 12ft of deep water. No prior dive experience is necessary.

Intermediate/Advanced Springboard Diving

Participants will learn more advanced dives (front, back, reverse, inward and half-twist). Based on individual skill levels participants will be introduced to dives for competition-level diving. It is required to take the Intro to Springboard Diving prior to this class. Participants must be able to swim 15 yards and be comfortable in 12ft of deep water.


Jr. Lifeguard Class

Spend a week at Lions Park Pool learning the basics of lifeguarding including first aid, CPR, and in-water rescue techniques and much more. Jr. Guards will get a sneak peak at the importance of safety, teamwork and leadership skills needed to become a professional certified lifeguard. Participants must be able to swim 1 lap (25 yards) of Freestyle and be confident in 12ft deep water. Completion does not guarantee employment with Clarendon Hills Park District. A t-shirt is included in the fee.


Fluid Running

Fluid Running has revolutionized fitness by bringing running to the deep water which eliminates the impact of land running while providing great cardiovascular and muscular benefits. The class is set to upbeat music lead by certified instructors to get you through a full body workout that gets the heart rate up and burn calories.


Discover Scuba

Participants will explore the depths of Lions Park Pool as they are introduced to scuba diving in a highly supervised and relaxed manner under the guidance of a PADI instructor. This class is designed for new divers to learn the basic safety concepts with equipment on, and swim around under water. Class takes place in the 5'6" lap lanes. Participants must be able to swim 25 yards and be comfortable submerging. All equipment if provided.


Beach Volleyball Camps

It's SUMMER - time to take your volleyball game to the beach. The camp features all the latest drills and training techniques that build your skills for the next level. Lots of contests and games, too, with fun and active instructors. Volleykidz will improve each child's eye/hand coordination and left/right coordination using full drills and gross motor games.


Water Polo Camp

Spend a week at Lions Park Pool learning the basics of water polo from skill development to game knowledge. Participants must be able to swim 15 yards and be comfortable in 12 foot deep water and be able to tread water. Class will be held in 5'6" feet lap lane and 12foot diving well.


Summer's Special Events

Dad's Day At The Pool

Dads it's your Day - what better way to celebrate then a visit to the pool. Come out for a splash of a time. Admission is free for dads and granddads accompanied by fee paying or season pass holder child.

World's Largest Swimming Lesson

You are invited to make history as part of the World's Largest Swimming Lesson at Lions Park Pool. This is a free 30 minute swim lesson to build awareness about the importance of children learning to swim to help prevent drowning. Be part of the Guinness Book of World Records as waterparks and pools across the globe take part in this record breaking event.

Ages: 3-16 years old

Fee: Free, Pre-registration required Code 790200-01

July 4th Extravanganza

Start your Fourth of July off with a bang. Join us in celebrating pool style with water games and activities, such as a connonball contest and water balloon toss. Daily admission fees apply.

Senior Bingo

Lions Park Pavilion is the place to go on Fridays in July for a fun morning of free BINGO! Cards will be provided or bring your own lucky bingo bag. Winners will pick out of the prize treasure chest. After the "heated" games plan a dip in Lions Park Pool with opens at 11:30am. Daily admission fees apply.

Ages: 50 years old & better

Fee: Free


This fun run (DASH) starts in Lions Park Pool parking lot and heads down Byrd Court to the intersection at Ann Street and return trip back to the pool to the finish line (and the SPLASH). All age groups will run course 3 times which equals 0.7 mile total distance. Once you pass the finish line, receive a Dash-N-Splash dri fit t-shirt along with pizza and drink coupon. Post race open swim 7:00-8:00pm for each participant accompanied by an adult. Awards for the top three finishers in each age group: 8&Under, 9-10, 11-12.

Registration deadline July 13

Fee: $18/$22


791200-01: 6 & Under

791200-02: 7-8 years old

791200-03: 9-12 years old

Cardboard Boat Regatta

It's time to start planning for the annual cardboard boat regatta. Your challenge is to build a boat that can withstand the treacherous waters of Lions Park Pool. All boats bust be constructed using only cardboard and duct tape and requires minimal on-site assembly. Teams navigate their vessels through an obstacle course in the lap pool in this timed event. Start training is a fun and wet race. Prizes awarded for "Fastest Vessel and "People's Choice" (Note: can only win in one category). The event is designed for youth (no adults in the vessel) and all sailors onboard must know how to swim or be properly fitted with a coast guard approved life jacket. A continental breakfast is provided to teams.

Fee: $20/boat

Code: 790200-02

Float Nights

Enjoy a summer night under the stars for special float night. Families may bring your favorite raft, inner tube, swim noodles, etc. Noodles will be available for purchase. Pool rules apply during the event and entry as pass holder or pay daily fee.



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