Clarendon Hills Park District  •  315 Chicago Ave.  •  Clarendon Hills, IL 60514  •  (630)323-2626  •
Lions Park Pool

Hours of Operation

Lions Park Pool
Pool Phone: 630-325-1040 (May 26-September 3)

Regular Season Hours are 11:30am-8pm daily, June 2-August 12


Pre-season Hours:

May 26-May 28.....11:30am-6pm

May 29-June 1.....4pm-8pm

Post-season Hours:

August 13-17, 21-25.....4pm-8pm

August 18-19.....11:30am-6pm

August 20-24  4-8pm

August 25-26  11:30am-6pm

August 27-31.....Closed

September 1-3  11:30am-6pm

Special Holiday Hours:

Memorial Day.....11:30am-6pm

July 4th.....11:30am-5pm

Labor Day.....11:30am-6pm

Lions Park Pool will be closed from 5pm-8pm for Sea Lions Home Swim Meets on:

June 14

June 19

June 26

July 12

Season Pass holders may use the Hinsdale Community Swimming Pool on these evenings free of charge. Resident fees will be charged to CH families with proof of residency.


**Please note: Due to a lower number of patrons and staff at the pool during our post season hours, including weekends the Drop Slide and/or Waterslide may be closed at various times. Lions Park Pool management staff reserves the right to close attractions as needed.



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