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Lions Park Pool

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Lions Park Pool
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Swim LessonsLions Park Pool

The Clarendon Hills Park District’s swim lesson program is for swimmers of all ages. Before registering for a swim lesson, review your child’s previous lesson history and age requirement of class.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE-- Registration will close at 5p on the Thursday prior to the start of the session.


**The Park District reserves the right to combine class levels if deemed appropriate.**

Cancellations & Class Transfers

Cancellations will not be honored for classes missed. A cancellation or transfer will only be considered prior to the beginning of the second class of the session. A $5 cancellation administration fee is charged per participant per program.
You may submit a request with the following information:

  • Participant’s name, address and phone number
  • Class level, session dates and class time
  • Name, address, and phone number of person requesting the refund
  • Reason for cancellation

What to Bring

  • Swim suit already on child
  • Towel
  • Goggles

Please Do Not Bring

  • Swimming aids such as life jackets, water wings or flippers
  • Snorkel masks that cover the nose
  • Water toys or noodle

What to Do

  • On the first day please arrive 15 minutes prior to class time
  • Guardians may wait for their swimmers on the pool deck or under the concession stand shade
  • Guardians must stay for their swimmer's entire class in case of emergency where consent is required

Parent/Child Water Development

Age: 6 months-3 years with parent

This program emphasizes early water adjustment skills and beginning swim techniques through the use of skill oriented games. Parents will also benefit from this class a they will be participating in some fun cardiovascular exercises. Swim diapers and plastic pants must be worn by all infants while in the water.

Preschool Swim Lessons

Age: 3-5 years old (without parent)

Tiny Tot

This level focuses on water adjustment, water entry and exit, supported front and back floats, bubble blowing for 5 seconds, putting the face in the water for at least 3 seconds, fully submerging head in water, alternation of arms, front and back kicks, and safety skills. Swimmers will be quickly evaluated and split into smaller classes on the first day of each session. It is common for swimmers to repeat this level until comfortable in the water.

Youth Swim Lessons

Age: 5 years old and up OR have completed Preschool swim lessons

Level 1: Jellyfish

Focuses on entering the pool with confidence, unsupported back and front float for 5 seconds, full submersion of face in water and blowing bubbles, freestyle arms, front and back kicks, introduction to back stroke, and safety skills.

Level 2: Minnow

This level focuses on building confidence in the water, unsupported back and front float, underwater bobs, arm reaches, front and back kicks with kickboard, front and back glides, front and back stroke 10ft with assistance, retrieval of underwater objects, and safety skills.

Level 3: Frog

This level focuses on entering deep water with confidence, establishing complete independence from instructor, front and back float, rotary breathing, front and back stroke 15ft without assistance, elementary backstroke 15ft without assistance, introduction to breaststroke, butterfly kicking, and safety skills.

Level 4: Turtle

This level focuses on building confidence in deep water, rotary breathing, front and back stroke whole length of pool without assistance, elementary backstroke whole length of pool without assistance, breaststroke, open turns in pool, introduction to diving, and safety skills.

Level 5: Dolphin

This level focuses on building endurance in the front and backstroke 50 yards, elementary backstroke and breaststroke 25 yards and introduce the butterfly stroke, front and back flip turns and safety skills.


Private Swim Lessons

A private lesson provides your swimmer with one-on-one instruction for 30 minutes. Swimmers of any level will benefit from private lessons. Lessons are designed for swimmers who need a little extra instruction to swimmers looking for specific stroke instruction.

Semi-Private Lessons

A semi-private lesson provides swimmers of similar skill level with a small group setting for their lesson. The student to instructor ratio is 2 to 1 for 30 minutes.

Specialized Private Swim Lessons

A specialized lesson is geared towards advanced swimmers who are looking for technical stroke instruction but are also ideal for the novice or timid swimmer who is uncomfortable in group lessons. Once purchased, the assigned instructor will contact the family and class dates and times will be arranged directly between the instructor and parent/guardian for convenience and busy schedules. Lessons are purchased in a 3-hour block, which can be broken down into 6-30 minutes lessons.

Stroke Clinic

The stroke clinics are designed for swimmers who are looking to improve their technique on a specific stroke. Stroke Clinics will be offered throughout the summer focusing on Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Starts & Turns.


Intro To Springboard Diving

Learn to the basics of springboard diving. No prior dive experience is necessary. Diver must be able to swim in 12' water unassisted.
Age: 6 years and up

Intermediate/Advanced Springboard Diving

Individuals will learn more advanced dives (front, back, reverse, inward, and half-twist). Based on individual skills level participants can learn required and optional dives for competition-level diving. Participants must be able to swim 15 yards and be comfortable in 12' water unassisted.
Age: 7 years and up

Jr. Lifeguard Class

In this program, children will learn the basics of lifeguarding including first aid, CPR, in-water rescue techniques and much more. Participants who have completed the training course will be given the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience by volunteering their efforts at the pool as a shadow lifeguard. The program provides teens with important safety skills, work experience, team-work and leadership skills. Completion of the course does not guarantee employment with the Clarendon Hills Park District.

Age: 10-15 years old

Beach Volleyball Camps Beach Camp

Volleykidz is an introductory camp for children 1st through 4th grade. The lesson plan introduces the pass, set, and spike using a very light volleyball in the perfect summer setting-SAND. Volleykidz will improve each child's eye/hand coordination and left/right coordination through the use of full drills and gross motor games. Added Bonus-our location provides a spray ground to cool off.

EVP Tour Beach Volleyball Camps

Time to take your GAME to the beach. The camp features all the latest drills and training techniques that build your skills for the next level. Lots of contests and games too, with fun and active instructors! Instructors will concentrate on the fundamentals for passing, setting, serving and spiking. You will learn to overhand serve and play organized games. The lesson plan directs individual training and helps each player reach a new level. Added Bonus-our location provides a spray ground to cool off.

Fluid Running

Fluid Running is an invigorating deep water running class that will challenge your cardiovascular system, enhance your stamina and strength, and give you all the benefits of running without the impact. Each class will include a warm-up, moderate and intense interval work, and a cool-down. You don't have to be a runner to be in this class. Heart rate monitors and a water bottle are recommended.


Check out this Summer's Special Events

Dad's Day At The Pool

What a better way to celebrate than a visit to the pool with your dad. Admission is free for dads and granddads accompanied by a child (fee paying or season pass holder).



World's Largest Swimming Lesson

Lions Park Pool will be a site for the World's Largest Swimming Lesson. This is your chance to be in the Guinness Book of World Records. The event will be from 10a-10:30a, when swimmers will be given a free swim lesson to bring awareness to the importance of learning to swim to help prevent drowning.



Teen Nights

Come out to Lions Park Pool for a Teen Pool Party for a night filled with swimming, sand volleyball, contests & games, and a DJ. $5 for Season Pass Holders/$7 for Non-Pass Holders




Float Nights

New this season, families can bring their own floats to use in the pool for a Friday night of floating fun from 6p-8p. A limited number of swim noodles will be sold each night.



Season Pass Holder Appreciation Swim

Season Pass Holders get to enjoy the pool for an exclusive early swim from 10a-12p.



July 4th Extravaganza

Enjoy the afternoon at the pool with games, contests and surprises from 12p-5p.



Cardboard Boat Regatta

Grab your team (maximum of 5 per team) and put your boat building skills to test. The boats will be launched in the lap pool. Two member crews will navigate their vessels through an obstacle course; it is a timed event. Teams must pre-register and all boats should be made at home; on site assembly is acceptable. All boats must have 4 sides made of only cardboard and duct tape only, including oars and paddles. Paint of any kind is not allowed and rafts will be disqualified. Prizes awarded for "Most Creative Craft" and "Fastest Vessel". New this year there will be a youth and family divisions. All boat drivers must know how to swim or be properly fitted with a Coast Guard approved life jacket. Continental breakfast will be provided to teams.


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