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The Clarendon Hills Park District Park Partner Sponsorship Program - be our partner in fun!

There are more choices than ever before to market your business. The internet and social media have changed how to define and reach your audience. You can target your market more specifically by location and interests. The Clarendon Hills Park District offers you that opportunity too, through its Park Partner Sponsorship Program. This unique, ongoing investment highlights your business to Clarendon Hills residents and the neighboring communities. Partnering with us shows a deeper commitment to the community your customers live in and provides the Park District additional resources to host special events and programs that otherwise may not be available.

For as little as $250 you can be a special part of the community and enjoy the benefits of the park district's recreational programs and facilities. Your logo and name will appear at our special events, website and programs. Any contribution over $250 allows you to direct your sponsorship contribution toward specific events, i.e. Fall Festival, Easter Egg Hunt, Senior Luncheons and more.

If you are interested in this worthwhile sponsorship, please contact Liz Payne at 630-441-0793 or email us at

We proudly support and appreciate our Park Partners!














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