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          PARC Grant-Facilities Building

The Clarendon Hills Park District is working to obtain funding from the PARC Grant Fund to provide new indoor recreational space to better serve its residents. If successful, the grant will reimburse the park district 75% of the cost. Currently, the CHPD has one modest indoor multi-purpose space, 3,500 square feet in size. The remainder of the facility serves as the District’s administrative offices. This space was constructed in 2000 as a wing on the new Clarendon Hills Middle School. Adding onto the existing school to obtain more recreation space is not feasible. However, the District’s 40 year old maintenance garage lies across the parking lot from the community center on the 22.8 acre Prospect Park and is severely in need of replacement. The goal is to raise the garage and construct a new 12,882 square foot building that will provide new programmable multi-purpose space that can be divided into four rooms, restrooms for Prospect Park and a larger, safer, modernized maintenance garage. The District would more than double its service and programs and have the ability to program multiple activities at the same time. Shifting the new building off the parking lot and into the park will create 18 additional parking spaces to accommodate visitors using the new facility.

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